JACANZS, Volume 2, September 2022

ISSN 2754-5547


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Jatinder Mann

‘Radicalism and Patrician Conservatism in Aotearoa New Zealand: The Case of William Downie Stewart Jr.’

Martin George Holmes

‘Canada’s Northwest Passage and the Potential for Co-Management’

Nicole Covey

Reflections on Australian, Canadian, and Aotearoa New Zealand Studies:

‘A career…and a way of life’

Janet Wilson

Book Reviews:

Normal Reviews

Adele Nye and Jennifer Clark (Editors), Teaching History for the Contemporary World: Tensions, Challenges and Classroom Experiences in Higher Education

Heather Gray Lamm

Marius Gudonis and Benjamin T. Jones (Editors), History in a Post-Truth World: Theory and Practice

Marnie Hughes-Warrington

Daniel Davy, Gold Rush Societies and Migrant Networks in the Tasman World

Melanie Burkett

Eva Bischoff, Benevolent Colonizers in Nineteenth Century Australia: Quaker Lives and Ideals

Elizabeth Elbourne

Jane Lydon, Anti-Slavery and Australia: No Slavery in a Free Land?

Martin George Holmes

Henry Reynolds, Truth Telling: History, Sovereignty, and the Uluru Statement

Benjamin T. Jones

Alexis Bergantz, French Connection: Australia’s cosmopolitan ambitions

Paul Kiem

Catherine Dewhirst and Richard Scully (Editors), Voices of Challenge in Australia’s Migrant and Minority Press

Jatinder Mann

Robert Reynolds, Shirleene Robinson, and Paul Sendziuk, In the Eye of the Storm: Volunteers and Australia’s Response to the HIV/AIDS Crisis

Jordan Scordino

Lynette Russell (Editor), A Trip to the Dominions: The Scientific Event that Changed Australia

Ben Silverstein

Peter Cook, Neil Vallance, John Lutz, Graham Brazier, and Hamar Foster, To Share, Not Surrender: Indigenous and Settler Visions of Treaty-Making in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia

Martin George Holmes

Gerd Bjorhovde and Janne Korkka (Editors), Exploring Canada: Exploits and Encounters

Jatinder Mann

Matt Morris, Common Ground: Garden Histories of Aotearoa

André Brett

Diane Morrow, Kate Edger: The life of a pioneering feminist

James Keating

Notes on Contributors

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