JACANZS, Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2021

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Jatinder Mann

‘Quebec Sovereignty and Indigenous Nationhoods: Critiquing The Quebec Secessionist Movement from “an Indigenous” Lens’

Chadwick Cowie

‘Transnational Identities of the Global South Asian Diaspora in Australia, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand, and South Africa, 1900s-1940s’

Jatinder Mann

‘Unsettling Coyote: Engaging with Indigenous Canadian Concepts of Care in Gail Anderson-Dargatz’s The Cure for Death by Lightning (1996)’

Alice Higgs

‘“The whistle blows, and we are whisked into a tunnel”: Railways and the Environment in Illawarra, 1850s–1915’

André Brett


Book Reviews:

Jatinder Mann, Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand
Yasmeen Abu-Laban

Chrystopher J. Spicer, Cyclone Country: The Language of Place and Disaster in Australian Literature
Tony Hughes-dʻAeth

Katrina Kittel, Shooting Through: Campo 106 escaped POWs after the Italian armistice
Susan Jacobs

Chris Wallace, How to Win an Election
Benjamin Jones

Alana Piper and Ana Stevenson (Editors), Gender Violence in Australia: Historical Perspectives
Effie Karageorgos

Catherine Dewhirst and Richard Scully (Editors), The Transnational Voices of Australia’s Migrant and Minority Press
Jatinder Mann

Brittany Luby, Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory
Chadwick Cowie

David Gaertner, The Theatre of Regret: Literature, Art, and the Politics of Reconciliation in Canada
Alice Higgs

Jeffrey S. Dennis, Canada at a crossroads: Boundaries, bridges, and laissez-faire racism in Indigenous-settler relations
Alice Higgs

Donald Wright, Canada: A Very Short Introduction
Jatinder Mann


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