Winner of 2022 Donna Coates Book Prize – Jarrod Hore, Visions of Nature: How Landscape Photography Shaped Settler Colonialism

The Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand Studies Network (ACNZSN) is extremely pleased to announce that the winner of the 2022 Donna Coates Book Prize is Jarrod Hore’s Visions of Nature: How Landscape Photography Shaped Settler Colonialism (Oakland: University of California Press, 2022)! 🙂

The international adjudication committee all enjoyed reading Jarrod’s book and collectively expressed their thoughts on it with the following:

This is a fascinating exposition of the role of landscape photography in settler colonialism in California, Australia, and Aotearoa New Zealand. With very fluid prose Hore brings an extremely well-researched comparative study which moves from the US Pacific West Coast to the Tasman World and back seamlessly, illustrating one of his very major points: the commonality of experiences in the Pacific Rim settler colonial societies. After reading his excellent book you will never look at landscape photos taken by European settlers in the three geographical areas of focus of his book the same way again.

Alongside his book being promoted on ACNZSN’s website and social media platforms, Jarrod will also be receiving GBP150.

Warmest congratulations to Jarrod! 🙂

Dr. Jatinder Mann

Creator and Manager of ACNZSN

Chair, Donna Coates Book Prize International Adjudication Committee