‘Transnational Identities of the Global South Asian Diaspora in Australia, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand, and South Africa, 1900s-1940s’

Jatinder Mann

Hong Kong Baptist University



Journal of Australian, Canadian, and Aotearoa New Zealand Studies 1, issue 1 (June 2021): 45-77, https://doi.org/10.52230/VSNV9897


This article addresses two key research questions: 1. Was the rhetoric about the equality of all British subjects adopted by South Asian migrants in the British Empire’s self-governing Dominions in the first half of the twentieth century? and 2. Did the experience of living in predominantly white countries encourage migrants from the Punjab and other regions in South Asia to adopt a common pan-South Asian identity? It explores these two research questions with each of the four countries of the focus of this article in turn, before making some comparisons.

Key Words:

Transnational, Identities, Global, South Asian Diaspora

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